Your Language Connection founder Michelle Salinas was asked to present interpreting tips to staff members of the School District of Lancaster last month on an in-service day.

Her main piece of advice to these teachers, guidance counselors, and service personnel at the SDOL is to remain unbiased. This is by far the best piece of advice out there. Michelle explained how important this one practice when interpreting is so vital.

A way to avoid appearing biased is to focus on the words being used. You can even look down and avoid eye contact as Michelle suggests. Remember if they spoke English they wouldn’t need you so clearly interpreting words only is key.

Here are some of the reasons why remaining unbiased is so important in interpreting:

  • You are expected to interpret everything but not facial expressions, body language or attitude
  • Your opinions of the situation are not relevant when interpreting
  • Don’t try to solve the problem yourself – simply interpret the conversation

The bottom line is you wouldn’t want someone biased interpreting for you would you?

Here are the best reasons for hiring an interpreter if you are a school employee, business owner, human resources director, and multiple other job positions.

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