Why Hiring A Language Interpreter Is A Smart Thing To Do

Oh Please Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”…

It’s a song, yes. But it might be a problem you don’t even know you have. If you are a business owner here in Lancaster, you probably already know that understanding different languages and cultures as well as recognizing those differences can give you a leg up on your competition.

interpretation servicesIf you understand and respect differing cultures, you are in a better place to gain more clients and retain employees because you are better able to communicate with them.

Your Language Connection provides on-site interpretation services right here in Lancaster and our surrounding counties and it can benefit your business in ways you probably haven’t even considered, yet.

Think of it this way… Are you launching a new product soon or rolling out a new process? You might need to communicate the attributes, specific instructions, or safety measures to the manufacturing or production team and maybe they don’t speak English?

Or this way… Will you be looking to hire seasonal help at all this year? Hiring temporary or contracted employees is on the rise and you’ll need to be able to communicate with those employees as well as your full-time staff. These are just a few of many examples of when hiring an interpreter would provide a benefit to both you and your team.

Here are some other ways interpretation services can be helpful to your business:

  • Providing employee support
  • Offering improved customer service
  • Enhancing in-house new product/procedure safety training
  • Ensuring everyone is receiving the same messages at staff meetings
  • Handling human resource services when there is a language barrier

Our rates start at $53 per hour for common languages and $65 for exotic languages. There is a one-hour minimum for interpreting on-site assignments, and a 30-minute minimum for phone interpretations. Let us know how we can help your business learn how to communicate better! 

We make it super easy to hire us, choose the language and time you need and simply submit!

Here’s a little something a recent client had to say about our interpretation services…

Our interpreter came and she was wonderful! We are incredibly grateful. She stayed late and she was incredibly helpful. (I apologize for my frantic message but I appreciate you calling back and just wanna let you know that everything went really well and that she was really great wth the family really with both the family and everyone at Habitat…. you returning my call about her stuck in traffic was appreciated.)

Alison, Habitat For Humanity