Looking for something stimulating to do next month? We’ve talked about the benefits of learning a new language (like delaying the onset of dementia) and how well our virtual Spanish classes are going… but how about learning American Sign Language online?


What are the benefits of learning ASL that you might not have ever thought about?

1. It gives your brain a good workout


Learning any new language helps to stimulate your brain and give it a good workout. Sign languages are no different!


2. ASL is all around you


 According to Modern Language Association, American Sign Language is the 3rd most studied modern/foreign language at colleges and universities in the U.S. It is also the 3rd or 4th most popular language in the U.S. after English and Spanish.


 3. Improves your peripheral vision and reaction time


Because it’s so visually-focused, you are more alert and your “visual field response” will benefit from this, something which is is highly beneficial in many sports and even driving.


 4. Helps you communicate with animals


Many people have had success in teaching their dogs some basic sign languages and also build a bond with them at the same time.


 5. Become better at spelling


Even though there is a sign for almost every single word, for those that don’t have a word, or perhaps you don’t know the words for it you will need to finger-spell it.


We’re offering Virtual ASL Classes Starting Tuesday, Sept 1!

 Classes will be offered on Tuesday evenings beginning September 1st.

 We will start with a beginner one ASL class from 6:15 to 7:15 p.m. Classes will be virtual. The classes will be capped at 8 people and the cost is $200 for a 10-week session. If anyone is interested in a more advanced ASL class, please let us know.