Businesses really benefit from utilizing professional translation services when they hire Your Language Connection.

Michelle Salinas, founder of Your Language Connection in Lancaster, PA, recognizes that there are likely many questions about how businesses can utilize local translation companies.

Having a local team translating your documents is super helpful and YLC offers a faster turnaround time and more affordable rates than many other agencies you can find online.

Although our rates are very reasonable, Michelle says, “Some languages cost much more to translate than others, because of the different keyboards and the fact that some languages, like Creole, were developed less than 100 years ago.”

 Here are 3 great reasons to use YLC’s translation services:

  • Our translators are quick and therefore can often finish translations in a reasonable amount of time. Other times it might end up costing a little more because the language is higher level, especially legal and medical documents.
  • Our translators take the time to make sure the message is exactly what the client wants to communicate.
  • We don’t charge by the word, but by the time it takes to translate the document.

We enjoy creating an ongoing relationship with our business clients so please contact us today and you can find more of our business service offerings online.