Your Language Connection provides on-site language classes. That’s right, we come to you and customize language classes for your business!

It’s one of the language services that businesses find most helpful when trying to improve their workplaces and remedy the language barrier issues that arise. We serve the tri-county area and love to work with local businesses.

Your Custom Precision Machining Company

Vallorbs Jewel Company was having trouble communicating important issues to some of their non-English speaking employees.

Here are the major areas of their workplace that were affected:

  • Inability to effectively communicate their safety procedures
  • Providing daily work instruction to team members
  • Lack of small talk and camaraderie among employees
When working with machinery at Vallorbs, being able to communicate safety issues effectively is very important.

Vallorbs first learned about Your Language Connection thru a neighboring business, Ames Reese, that has been hiring YLC for nearly 6 years and have been very happy with the results of hosting on-site language classes.

The 2 outcomes that please Vallorbs the most are knowing that all employees understand the important safety issues and having the ability to communicate with the whole team without the language barriers.

Since Vallorbs has well-defined core values and strives for camaraderie and teamwork in their company culture, they saw an opportunity to improve communication among employees to get the work completed safely. Vallorbs prides itself on manufacturing a quality product while supporting employee and community growth.

“The instructor you sent is just phenomenal and the team at YLC is so easy to do business with!”

Ken Rinier, Vallorbs

We are happy to partner with Vallorbs and look forward to bringing language services to your business!