Since the employment rates are super-high right now, it’s the workplaces challenge to retain good employees. It’s kind of like in real estate when it’s a buyers market and the sellers need to do everything to woo the right buyers. 

Retaining employees isn’t easy at times. It’s management’s duty to provide ongoing learning and support so that they feel engaged in their jobs. They feel valued, respected, and a part of the company culture.

Some simple but important ways to ensure that employees like where they work are:

  • Having the means and resources for employees to properly do their jobs.
  • A communication strategy that tells every employee where their job and needed outcomes fit within the bigger company strategy.
  • A process for goal setting, evaluation, feedback, and accountability that lets employees know how they are doing.
  • This process must provide opportunities for continuing employee professional and personal development.
  • Overall organizational support for the importance of clear performance expectations communicated through cultural expectations, managerial responsibility and accountability and rewards and recognition, and company stories about accomplishments that define the workplace.

At Your Language Connection, we treat our employees like family. We have regular training, offer fun events outside of work, and have invested in the best platforms for our employees to complete their assignments with the ease they deserve.

We are always looking to add members to our team, especially interpreters of some exotic languages like Swahili, Afar, ASL, Karen, Chin, Burmese, and Creole. Ask about our referral bonus. Contact Michelle Salinas for more details. Submit Your Resume Today!

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