Many businesses are looking to translate their websites into multiple languages. This helps them bridge the communication gap with potential customers and broaden their audience. If you’re interested in website translation for your business you should consider YLC or at least another professional language services company that not only specializes in translating content but also are native speakers of the language your audience uses. And Your Language Connection has translators who translate over 50 languages. 

Nobody will be able to understand your audience better than someone who is not only an expert translator but also checks all of the boxes for a would-be customer.

Your Language Connection is also the only company that charges for time and NOT PER WORD which saves businesses a lot of money. We also offer a faster turnaround over our competitors. 

Why Choose Your Language Connection

Many people don’t realize that idiomatic expressions and many new phrases that have come out since languages were created, do not translate well on Google.

Google doesn’t always translate in a way that gets the message across because they translate word for word. YLC specializes in translating the message correctly and not just word by word which is not always clear to a non-English speaker.

There are many terms and services that exist in our country that do not exist in other countries and so they need to be explained. Such as truancy. It is not against the law for a child to not go to school in most other countries. Here it is. But if you literally translate the word, it will not be understood by many cultures. So our translators make sure that the message about what it means is included in the translation.