Yes, rock.

What did you think of when you read that word?  Rock’s other musketeers: paper and scissors?  A cobblestone, a rock in the garden?  The swaying, rocking motion you use to get your baby to sleep at night?  The classic rock station that brings you back to the concerts of your childhood?  The rock salt you keep forgetting to pick up for the driveway this winter?  The rock your newly engaged friend is showing off every chance she gets?  What about the compliment you got at the office holiday party when you rocked that Rudolph sweater?

One word can carry a world’s worth of meanings in its little letters, in the few sounds we make to utter it.  The task of the interpreter or the translator is to swap that word out for another one that comes from a similarly laden jungle and tumble of meanings, which is why having an interpreter or a translator who seeks to understand you is the first invaluable step in getting your message carried across (that’s what translation literally means: trans ‘across’ + latio ‘bearing, bringing, rendering’) to the people who need to hear it!

At Your Language Connection, we have a team of dedicated linguists who together speak over fifty of the world’s most popular languages, many of whom reside right here in Central Pennsylvania.  More than our linguistic talents, we have the listening ear that’s going to help us first understand your message and in so doing, be able to render your words faithfully in your target language.

We also specialize in teaching the art and craft of language whether you’re seeking to:

  • learn a language for pleasure, advancement or travel;
  • create customized classes for your employees to bridge communication gaps in the workplace; or,
  • give the gift of language and the worlds it opens up to family, friends and loved ones.

So, do you want to be the rock star of the local business world this year? Are you looking for a class to practice that horrifically-arduous-to-replicate English R sound or the trill of a perfect rolled Spanish R?  Are you wondering if a closed fist really is the way to depict a rock in American Sign Language (hint: not quite, but you’re halfway there!)? Are you racking your brain to try to tell your new Nepali employee to turn in on the first rock and gravel driveway on the right?  Whatever the rock that’s got you up against a hard place, look no further than Your Language Connection to help you rock in 2024!