80% of businesses are finding it difficult to find qualified workers, and half of business are struggling to retain them. (US News and World Report)

71% of workers say job training and development increases their job satisfaction (Society of HR Managers)

Human beings love to learn new things! We’re inquisitive from birth, and we enjoy a challenge. There’s often no bigger challenge than learning a new language, and it comes with so many benefits to you and to your workplace.

Building language boosts self-confidence, and makes workers more likely to express themselves. On the contrary, workers who can’t communicate with their fellow employees begin to feel left out and lose the interest and motivation to excel at work.

Foreign-born workers often come with untold talents, education and career training from their home countries. They simply lack the ability to translate that into the US workplace because of a language barrier. You could be sitting on a gold mine of employee knowledge and not yet know it.

Employees who know the investment of their employers are reinvigorated to perform better in all areas. Rather than diverting attention away from the task at hand, language classes grow employee productivity in all areas.


Workers who laugh and learn together feel the support of their colleagues as they stumble along the path of learning a new language. They are then even more likely to act as a team when confronted with new challenges in the workplace.


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