Why is it important to use a reputable interpreter service?

A reputable interpreter service has a good track record of working with a variety of businesses and understands the ins and outs of interpretation and translation. At Your Language Connection, we’ve worked with a variety of businesses like manufacturing, legal and educational. We work closely with our clients to provide customized services that help them communicate better.

Why do businesses need Interpretation Services?

A variety of businesses require interpretation services. Our services are particularly helpful for manufacturing and production businesses to help them provide closer communication with their employees. Better communication ultimately leads to better working environments, happy employees, and better results.

What businesses benefit from interpretation?

In today’s changing climate and welcoming diversity, there is a great need for bridging the gap between non-English speaking employees and management. Understanding is key. From education, government, medical and healthcare services to manufacturing, interpretation services, and language classes, provide a means to educate and train current employees and facilitate the hiring of new employees.  Manufacturing companies are joining the large community of businesses that are now providing ESL classes for a variety of language groups in order to help reinvent communication, provide resources for their employees and promote a more cohesive and motivated workforce and effective communication among co-workers and throughout the company.

What is the process?

YLC provides a team of over 100 members fluent in over 60 languages. Our website, as well as a variety of social media venues, supply the information needed to start the process for interpretation, document translation, and language classes. The initial process starts with contacting YLC through the website, email, or by phone, with an overview of the services requested. Our scheduling department will then immediately direct the request to the proper department, acknowledge your request, reach out to the Interpreters as needed, and respond to the request with confirmation of the Interpreter and any pertinent information. The process is very user-friendly and seamless.

How does Your Language Connection ensure the best interpretation services?

Michelle Salinas, Owner, and CEO created and built YLC on the sincere belief and determination of giving back to the community and providing families with the best possible communication needed to alleviate frustration with language barriers and provide understanding in all areas of their lives and the lives of their children. Her background as a school teacher in the School District of Lancaster also provided her with the expertise and knowledge that she has continued to share with her team throughout the years. Michelle is constantly enlarging her team of Interpreters to provide new languages, and providing them with extensive training upon joining YLC. She provides ongoing rotating workshops and training for all employees throughout the year on various subjects and certifications in order to stay up-to-date with new and changing requirements and skills which are essential to reach an ever-changing cultural and global audience.

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