At Your Language Connection, we are always striving to improve and expand our services to meet your needs better. We are thrilled to introduce enhancements to our interpreting services, which are designed to provide you with more accessible and immediate language solutions. Here’s what’s new:

Enhanced On-Demand Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Services

While we have always offered OPI and VRI services, our new enhancements make these services available on-demand without needing advanced scheduling. Here’s how we’re revolutionizing access to interpretation:

What’s New for Your Business?

  1. Dedicated Phone Number for OPI: You will now have a dedicated phone number to access our OPI services. This ensures quick and direct connections to our interpreters whenever you need them, with no advance scheduling required.
  2. Access Code for VRI: We provide a unique access code to easily connect our VRI services. This will streamline your experience and make connecting with an interpreter easier.
  3. On-Demand Video & Audio Interpretation: Our app now allows you to:
    • Open the app.
    • Select your desired mode of interpretation—video or audio.
    • Choose from over 350 languages.
    • Connect instantly with a qualified interpreter.

These enhancements ensure you have the support you need to communicate effectively, anytime and anywhere, without the need for prescheduled appointments.

Why Choose Our On-Demand Services?

Our services are designed to offer superior quality and cost-effectiveness. With our new on-demand model, you benefit from:

  • No Minimum Charges: Pay only for the minutes you use, making it ideal for short, immediate needs.
  • Instant Access: Connect with interpreters instantly, perfect for situations that require quick resolution.

Next Steps

To get started with our on-demand services, please reach out to request your personalized access codes. You will receive a separate email with your designated phone numbers and access codes.

Thank you for choosing Your Language Connection. We look forward to continuing to serve your language needs with these exciting new capabilities! Please get in touch with us for questions and business inquiries.

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