Your Language Connection has been in business for over 22 years. Our commitment to quality, client relationships, and customer service has never changed, even if our logo, website, team, or economy have. We’ve grown and developed the business as a means to empower communities through Language.

We’ve always been focused on providing language and translation services, but over the years as we worked with clients and began to understand the true needs of the community, we subsequently developed more in-depth services like transcreation, localization, and multimedia support to help businesses also increase their communication and overall employee satisfaction.

Now, in order to better serve our community through services like translation, interpretation, transcreation, localization, and multi-media support services, we’ve updated our branding and website. Our new website features updated detailed service lists, updated payment methods, and easier contact forms, and is updated monthly with new blog posts, and class schedules. This will keep our clients up to date with details about the variety of services we can offer. Also, our new logo helps to better communicate the quality and customer care that we’ve always delivered. Finally, we changed our tagline to: “Empowering communities through language” to more accurately describe how we’ve seen our services affect individuals, businesses, and communities.

This year we’re seeing a deeper need for translation and interpretation services to help our clients because of employee shortages, changing economies, and a heavier technology presence. Employers are realizing that people need to feel valued and be able to clearly communicate with their peers. Its impact on productivity is immense. We’re looking forward to a new year helping the Lancaster County area connect people, build relationships, and break down language and culture barriers.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our services please read more about them on our website. You can contact us through our website form to get in touch with our team today.


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