Local businesses here in Lancaster and Global organizations around the world need variety in the workforce to help them cater to the demands of their mixed customer base.

Advancements in technology and access to an affordable Internet connection have reshaped the workforce by making work processes more streamlined and enabling smoother performance

McKinsey & Co. and other researches have shown that racially diverse organizations outperform industry norms by 35% (Source: Forbes.com)

Here are just a few benefits real-time collaboration between a multi-cultural coworking community creates:

  • Easier workflow: by streamlining the process and removing communication barriers
  • Reduces paperwork: through improved communications and less need for translated documentation and services
  • Travel expenses decrease: when you don’t have to send employees overseas to the clients they serve since the local workforce speaks the foreign language

With technology, communication on a global level has never been easier. Pooling expertise from different countries has become easier than before.

Multilingual staff can help your business reach a more diversified customer base. Now that there are multicultural populations across the globe from all walks of life, a multilingual workforce will help you tap into a diverse audience which might not otherwise be aware of your service or product due to language barriers.

Diversity in the workplace is a game-changer for many companies when they are working towards globalization.

Cultural and geographical diversity isn’t just about the company’s reputation anymore… it’s about the competitive advantage a diverse workplace brings. Varied perspectives enhance creativity to ensure faster problem solving and in turn increased productivity.

Some other ways that having a diverse workforce increase productivity:

  • Bring in fresh ideas: a broader set of minds creates stronger collaboration
  • Create a melting pot: make the organization a melting pot of innovative thinking
  • Faster problem-solving: Combining new creativity and innovation leads to informed decision making
  • Better outcomes: better decisions achieve better results

Businesses shouldn’t shy away from language barriers and instead should invest in special translation and interpreting services for Human Resources, to be a part of the global league, bringing in success to the organization across global markets.

Diversity, when fueled by the right HR translation services, add to the company’s reputation and brand, opening doors to new markets, customers and newer business relations.

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