November quickly becomes the month of lists and obligations.  We start getting ready to end one year and begin another both at work and with our families.  Let’s see how many things Your Language Connection can help you check off your end-of-the-year lists:

Are you budgeting for diversity, equity and inclusion training that really connects people?  There’s nothing like bonding over culture and conversation.  At Your Language Connection, we’re happy to be able to provide group chats with our linguists to talk about their unique experiences.  We can create tailor-made workshops for your employees or launch one of our already successful seminars on-site or online!

Do you find your business using more interpreting services but you wonder if you are using them effectively?  Round up your employees for an engaging workshop on best practices when using an interpreter.  This is quickly becoming one of our most popular workshops.  Attendees claim it helps them get over the jitters of beginning a meeting with an interpreter present and allows them to keep in mind their goals for communicating throughout the meeting.

Do you use some of your bilingual employees for interpreting routine matters in the office?  We can meet with your supervisors to help discuss the pros and cons of this practice as well as the legal implications to make sure you are aware of the ethical dimensions and professional responsibilities of interpreting in the workplace.

Are you looking for the gift for someone who already has everything?  Buy them the gift of language.  We have popular group classes in Spanish, American Sign Language and English as a Foreign Language.  We offer individual and small group lessons in Arabic, French, Italian, Japanese and many more languages as well.  You can enroll someone in a ten week course for $300 or purchase an hour or a bundle of hours of private lessons that can focus on any topic in any language.  What a great way to get someone ready for a vacation adventure, pave the path to a romantic getaway, prop someone up to succeed in their job… the possibilities are endless!

At Your Language Connection, we’re your one-stop shop for wraparound language services, in the holiday hullabaloo and all year long!


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