Your Language Connection has been providing language services for more than 22yrs. Our mission is to “Empower Communities through Language.”

Today 35% of people in Lancaster speak a language other than English?  The non-English language spoken by the largest group is Spanish, which is spoken by 28.20% of the population

Lancaster is experiencing a shortage of qualified workers. Even with an unemployment rate of 6%, businesses have difficulty finding workers.

As we look to solve this worker shortage, businesses and local governments need to re-evaluate their training and certification programs, internal and external, and make them more accessible and understandable to the large communities of non-native English speakers.

This often includes translating materials, improving understanding of workplace culture, language classes for supervisors to engage with their workforce, targeted ESL classes for employees and using professionals instead of co-workers to interpret important information.

As humans, we avoid places where we do not feel welcome or comfortable. We thrive when and where we are welcome, comfortable, and valued.

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