The workforce of tomorrow is changing. In the years ahead, success will require a more flexible and diverse workplace. Worker shortages will become a real consideration as companies plan for future growth.  (WEDnetPA)

Pennsylvania is using its resources to invest in its workers, making sure they have the skills needed to compete in the global economy.  (WEDnetPA)

Have you tapped in yet to this flexible and easy-to-use support for the training your employees need?

 A 2021 study showed that over 8% of all Keystone workers are foreign-born, and they are considerably more represented in certain industries.  In addition, their numbers continue to grow (Keystone Research Center).  Many of those who come to call Pennsylvania home are some of our most hardworking residents, contributing enormously to important sectors of our economy.  

 Yet communication frequently remains a barrier.  With many of these workers coming with little to no English proficiency, there can be some pitfalls to their integration into our workforce.  Some may not be able to comprehend or recognize vital safety procedures or, due to cultural differences, may be hesitant to report violations of standard operating procedures to management.  Some may not understand the benefits available to them at your company or may feel isolated and alone and therfor inclined to seek employment elsewhere. 

Your Language Connection offers customized English language classes to your employees across central Pennsylvania, and online to anywhere in the Commonwealth and beyond.  We take the time to meet with your organization’s leaders to discuss areas of need and then design classes tailored to maximize results.  The benefits of our classes go far beyond just teaching a language; as is our mission, we empower your workers and increase productivity and job satisfaction, all of which leads to a competitive advantage for you to retain those valuable workers.

And best of all, a grant from the Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania can make the entire process – and its results – free for your Pennsylvania-based employees.  It’s easy to apply for WEDnetPA benefits, the restrictions are few and the allocated funds are generous.  Plus, we’ll be happy to help you through the process.  There is just one application, one training plan and one contract separating you from accessing up to $2000 per eligible employee. Our group language classes can cost just $5 to $10 per employee per session!

If you agree that English-language classes for your employees would provide a boost to your bottom line, please reach out to us today to begin customizing your course!


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