According to the IMF, the foreign-born labour force in America is 9% higher than at the start of 2019.”  The Economist

An Economist article from early this month grabbed my attention.  “Immigration is surging, with big economic consequences,” splayed the title across my screen.  As someone who daily works with the immigrant and refugee communities as an interpreter, I know this to be true.  I see our workforce being transformed as hard-working immigrants pour into positions in many skilled and unskilled industries, capable of the hard work, but not always capable of the workplace communication necessary.

Bosses today have to keep up with EVERYTHING!  AI, supply chain, inflation… the sheer number of things you have to stay ahead of is enough to make your head spin.  So, please let us at Your Language Connection take one thing off your plate.  We offer complete, wraparound language services, both locally and via telephone and Internet throughout the world.  Our interpreters are trained to handle sensitive human resources meetings and to provide impartial interpreting that also advocates for your Limited English Proficient workers.  We can also help you build an inclusive workplace and guarantee that you can maximize the talent of your workforce by offering local language training.

Our Workforce ESL classes specialize in getting employees the tools they need to effectively communicate in the workplace.  We’re not like some programs out there that mandate that you follow their curriculum, demanding that employees end up learning how to talk about their Sundays in the park before they ever see any industry-specific vocabulary.  We’re certainly not like those apps that promise language fluency and then just have you translate sentences about elephants with popsicles.  We take the time to consult with you and to design effective solutions to keep your business moving forward.  And we don’t just train novices.  We’re expanding our offerings with some dynamic courses focused on the art of communication, the tools that enable more proficient learners to say the right thing at the right time in the right way to the right person for maximum communicative success.

Also, there are more resources than ever to help your business train your employees.  For example, here in Pennsylvania, our training is often WedNet Eligible.  And we’re happy to work with you to help you search out and navigate funding sources to keep your training program from eating into your bottom line.  Our clients will tell you, the investment you put into your employees will pay dividends in loyalty and productivity down the line.

So, whether you have urgent needs for document translation and live interpretation, or your long range game includes a targeted training program for your employees, we here at YLC are here to customize solutions to meet your needs and reduce your worries!

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