Although translation technology is becoming ever more powerful, it’s not yet the best when it comes to every level of human language.

Machine translation is a great way to translate simple sentences and phrases, or when you simply want to understand the general gist of a small text like an email. But when translating a whole document where the meaning needs to be completely understood, machine translation is certainly not your best bet. Especially when things like medical and legal documents are involved.

Limitations and pitfalls of using machine translation:

  • The problems with machine translation begin
  • when words or phrases have multiple meanings
  • when it actually depends on the context to know what is meant
  • Things like tone, idioms, and other linguistic nuances won’t be picked up by machine translation
  • It will only ever produce a literal word-for-word translation

Benefits of using our translation services:

  • Our translators are quick and therefore can often finish translations in a reasonable amount of time
  • Other times it might end up costing a little more because the language is higher level, especially legal and medical documents
  • Our translators take the time to make sure the message is exactly what the client wants to communicate
  • We do not charge by the word, but by the time it takes to translate the document

Why we employ only the best translators and translation services:

A good translator needs to understand the various underlying contexts of the documents and that of the two regions or countries for which the documents are intended – the socio-cultural aspects, and the politico-legal aspects as well.

They would then need to translate it in a manner that the target audience easily grasps the text. Even if you are familiar with the cultures and other aspects and are highly skilled at translation, you may need to consult legal professionals so as to ensure that your translation is completely error-free.

Final Tips To Keep In Mind

Saves You Money: many documents have the repetitive vocabulary or simple sentences that are easy to translate

Highly Specialized: Last-minute translations accepted

In-House Notary Public: Notarize death certificates, marriage certificates, and other documents requiring a notarization

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