1. Interpretation and translation services for training

Linguists’ ability to provide critical translation and interpretation services can help facilitate increased communication, enrich collaboration, and improve performance.

2. Training managers appropriately

Well-trained managers create a safe space for employees where they feel valued and understood. Cultural differences can become an issue for employees who are not native English speakers and managers alike. Helping your managers understand cultural differences can help alleviate communication issues by bridging an understanding gap between employees and supervisors, as well as between co-workers.

3. Translate all supporting work materials

Supporting work materials like training videos and tutorials, contracts, and any other materials that your clients or employees use are critical in helping your business run more efficiently. An experienced linguist ensures the message of your work materials is properly translated to improve your business’s productivity and safety.

4. Make feedback accessible

An important part of the communication process is making sure that you receive feedback quickly and efficiently. Anonymous feedback can help employees and clients feel safe enough to reveal what parts of communication are not working for them. However, if feedback is given outright, it should be rewarded, regardless of whether it is helpful or not. Open communication should always be rewarded, otherwise, it will stop being offered.

Final words:

Communication is the glue that helps humans work together and achieve far more than is possible alone. Your business is no different. Language services from YLC can help alleviate a variety of communication issues ranging from misinterpretation to cultural differences and more. Get in contact with us to learn more about what we can do with your company.

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