The Vallorbs company has specialized in custom Swiss Screw and CNC precision machining for over 70 years. What started as a love for Swiss Watches has grown to envelop diverse industries including nuclear, agriculture, medical, and dental.


Helping power the world through collaboration

Your Language Connection and Vallorbs have been partners for several years after meeting originally in Lancaster, PA. In an ever changing marketplace and world  Vallorb’s key to success is communication. In Vallorb’s words they want”to be able to continuously communicate with a growing diverse workforce.” Vallorbs continues to see this as a trend in their industry, and works with Your Language Connection to creatively adapt to new marketplace shifts. 

In particular, Vallorbs was in need of a variety of languages and services including ESL services and translation. Once Your Language Connection began providing translation and intepretation services to Vallorbs communciation between employees and their managers improved.  Vallorbs reported “the increased communication helps us better care for our employees.”

Additionally, Vallorbs subsequently began working with Your Language Connection to provide ESL services which also increased their ability to communicate and understand their employees.

Ultimately, employees ability to communicate helps Vallorbs increase their productivity and bottom line. At Your Language Connection, we’re happy to help our clients increase communication, productivity, and employee satisfaction through our language services.


Helping employees communicate better with their managers, and ultimately increasing productivity


Rewriting current and new work documents in a new language to help bridge cultural barriers and understanding


Teaching employees and managers how to speak in English and what cultural norms may help them in the workplace and beyond

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