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We’re excited you want to take a class with us. Pricing is great too! Classes start at $200 per class, $15 off if you sign up with a friend or have taken another class with us in 2020 or 2021. That includes all of the lessons and a course workbook!

We make it super easy for you to register for language classes!

Here’s what to do if you’re signing up for a VIRTUAL/ONLINE Class:
1. Please register HERE
2. Once payment is received, I will send you the link to the google classroom. The classes are virtual.
3. If you live in Lancaster, I will deliver a notebook to your door. If you are outside of Lancaster, I can mail the insert or arrange a time and place for pickup.
If you’re interested in virtual language classes or additional languages that are not offered at this time, please email

All About Language Classes

Here’s What You Need to Know:

  • Beginner one is for those who have never had Spanish or had it many years ago and need to brush up on the basics of Spanish. Simple conversational skills are included in this level.
  • Beginner two is for those who have recently had a Spanish class or have some knowledge of verb conjugation and simple sentence structure.
  • Advanced beginner is for those who understand verb conjugation and sentence structure but are struggling to put all of it together when speaking. This is for the person who can do the exercises on paper but do not seem to be able to get those sentences out in a timely matter when in conversation. We will work on building those conversational skills in typical day-to-day settings.
  • The intermediate level is for those who can have casual conversations and would like to improve as well as increase vocabulary and verb tenses.

Classes are offered in the evenings for 1 hour. If 8 or more people sign up then we increase the class time to 90 minutes for the same price. 

What You Can Expect

YLC teachers do more than just teach a language, they build relationships among the students in the class. We work with you to make sure the setting is ideal for learning and making mistakes, which is what you need to do to learn a language. Our teachers create a comfortable environment when they are on-site at a school or a business.

Materials created with the end result in mind 

Personalized, fun, and interactive language classes where you can connect with others

Cultural sensitivities also reviewed during class – to give you the extra knowledge you need to communicate effectively

Some of the Lancaster area businesses and organizations that have benefited from customized classes follow…

  • Water Street Ministries
  • Lancaster County probation officers
  • S June Smith center
  • Philhaven CADD staff
  • Rivera Physical Therapy
  • School District of Lancaster
  • Ames Reese Inc
  • Vallorbs Jewel Company
  • Steel Systems Inc

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YLC Is Known For…

  • Developing individualized course curriculums based on the needs of the students/clients
  • Recognizing that most students want to learn a language so that they can communicate effectively — so, our approach is more conversational than educational/curriculum-based learning.
  • Having fun while teaching phrases and sentences that are actually useful!
  • Exceeding our client’s expectations and becoming their language service provider of choice.

Our instructor is fun and remains professional when instructing or correcting our pronunciation of Spanish words and in sentences. I started this class virtually but switched to in person which works better for me and our teacher plus making some new friends within our class. I am enjoying myself while learning a new language.

Laura Tregidgo


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